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Creating a 12-month calendar for your desktop

Photo Explosion lets you create a calendar for every month of the year. In this tutorial see how to create a 12-month calendar and use it as an automatically updating desktop wallpaper.

1. In Browse mode, select the 12 images that you want to use for the months in your calendar. (You can also use the same image for every month if you wish.)  
2. From the Menu Command bar, select Share: Calendar.  

3. Select One Month from the Calendar type drop down menu. Select the style of calendar that you want.

Note: The portrait and landscape styles of calendars have different template collections. It's good to look at what both orientation styles can offer.




4. Apply different calendar types and styles to every calendar page. Use the arrow keys on the shortcut bar to navigate through the different pages in your calendar.

Note: From the Shortcut bar, click the button labeled "Apply the current layout to all the other pages" if you want to use the same calendar type and style for all the months.



5. In the Start Date dialog box, select the starting year and month for your calendar. Click Next.

Note: If you want to change the order of the images for your calendar then you have to do it in this dialog box. Click the Change Photo Order button to rearrange the images.



6. There are various options available in this dialog box. If you want to add or edit the various objects in your calendar then this is the place to do it. When you want to edit or replace an object in the calendar template, just select it. Then right-click or click the Modify Selected Element button in the Options panel.

Note: The Modify Selected Element button varies depending on the type of element that is selected in the calendar template.


7. In the Output Destination dialog box, select how you want to output your calendars. If you choose Wallpaper, you can set your calendars as automatically updating desktop wallpaper.

Note: Click the Organize Templates button to add, delete, or update a calendar template.


Calendars for every month of the year!

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