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Enhancing Images With Photo Explosion

Some scanning problems are 1) the result of poor scanning practices or 2) caused by equipment failure. In both cases, resulting images do not resemble the original. To correct and enhance these images, apply Photo Explosion's various options in Post Processing. Here is a list of some of the most common problems and their solutions:

Bad Contrast:
Contrast is the difference between light and dark pixels. The higher the range between the two, the sharper the contrast will be.
The solution:
Choose the Lighting option under the Adjust Command. By experimenting with different kinds of lighting and spotlights, you can easily obtain the desired contrast between light and dark.

The photograph on the scanner glass is sometimes incorrectly positioned so that when the image is scanned it looks crooked or askew.
The solution:
Choose the Straighten option under the Auto Enhance function. Here you can straighten your photos in one click. If that doesn't work, try the Transform option under the Adjust command. You can rotate or flip the image. Or, rotate it freehand by clicking and dragging the round handles on the corners of the image to straighten it.

Unwanted Backgrounds:
An unwanted background is usually the result of a scanning area that is too large. The photograph needs to be cropped to eliminate unwanted edges.
The solution:
Choose the Crop option under the Auto Enhance function. This allows you to eliminate unwanted edges.

Color and Brightness:
The scanner color and brightness levels are sometimes adjusted incorrectly, resulting in scanned images that are too bright or contain too much of a single color.
The solution:
Choose the Balance Color option under the Adjust Command. Select one of the color filter presets. Then click on the Advanced mode to fine-tune your processing.

Scanning a photograph at a resolution that is too low will result in pixelization in the image. The best way to resolve this is to rescan the image at the correct resolution. You can also adjust the focus of the image.
The solution:
Choose the Focus option when you are adjusting or editing your image. PhotoExplosion simulates the effect of adjusting the focus of your image with a Sharpening tool. Simply select a balanced adjustment from one of the presets or use the Advanced mode to fine-tune the adjustments.

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