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Fun ID Cards

Make your guests feel welcome while decorating your table with Fun ID cards. All you need is heavy-weight paper such as cardstock.
Step 1: Choosing a Project
Launch Photo Explosion and select Create Project on the opening screen. In the Get Project menu select Crafts and choose Fun ID Cards.


Step 2: Selecting a Template
Choose a template by double-clicking it. Several ready-made styles are provided. However, you can customize any template by changing the background, text, and photo.


Step 3: Changing the Background
Change the template's background in the Decorate menu. Select Background and choose Tile, Center or Color. Select a background that you like and click Apply.


Step 4: Inserting a Photo
The template comes with a placeholder picture. Replace it with your own image by clicking on the placeholder to select it and then clicking on the rectangular icon below it. Then get your image from your digital camera, scanner, video capture or computer files. Once it's in the template, you can move it by dragging and dropping to the desired location. To resize it, go to the Edit menu, choose Adjust and select Rotate & Resize. Then click and pull any of the square nodes surrounding the image.



Step 5: Customizing the Text
Double-click the template's text. The text tools will automatically appear on the left, allowing you to write your own message and change the font by choosing a color, texture or a gradient effect. Select Apply when done. To move your text, simply drag and drop it to the desired location. To resize it, click and pull any of the square nodes surrounding the text.

Note: Add pizzazz to your text with a shadow, special effects, reshaping or transformation. These options are in the Edit menu under Text.


Step 6 Making Multiple Fun ID Cards
When you have finished designing your first name card, save your project by choosing Save in the File menu. To make multiple ID cards, open the original file, double-click the text to change the guest's name and choose Save As in the File menu to give the new guest name card a new file name. Be sure to select Save As rather than Save or you will replace the original guest name card with the new one.


Step 7: Printing
Go to Browse mode and select the folder containing your name card files by double clicking it. Select the files you wish to print by highlighting them (try printing four ID cards at a time). Then choose Multiple in the Print menu.


On the left choose paper types and layouts. In Avery select 5395, Name Badge. Click Apply when done.


Although you are only printing 4 ID cards, all 8 cells in the print template will be filled. Delete duplicate images by highlighting them and pressing Delete on your keyboard. Drag and drop the remaining images into the 2nd and 4th rows (so you can fold them in half later).


To print, go to the File menu and choose Print.


When you're done printing, cut apart the ID cards and you're all ready to go!
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