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Valentine Greeting Card

Surprise your valentine with a romantic card created using Photo Explosion�s great templates, text effects and decorations. We�ll guide you through the different text options and teach you how to customize your card. You�ll need a color printer, paper of your choice, and a bit of creativity.


STEP 1:  Choosing a Project
Launch Photo Explosion and select Create Project on the opening screen. In the Get Project menu select Greeting Cards and choose Holidays.




STEP 2:  Selecting a Background
Choose a template by double-clicking it. Template themes include Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and more.  Please note you can use your own picture to create a custom background. Select any background and then click on the rectangular icon to get your picture from your digital camera, scanner, video capture or computer files.





STEP 3:  Write Your Note
Click on Edit and Choose the Text Menu. Click on Add/Edit to insert text.The text tools will appear on the left side of your screen. Enter your message in the text box, then, select a font, choose a color, or apply a texture or a gradient effect. Select Apply when done. Please follow this step for each effect desired. For example, if you wish to apply an effect to just one word or sentence, enter that text separately.

To move your text, simply drag and drop it to the desired location and to resize it, click and pull any of the square nodes surrounding the text.



Add pizzazz to your text with a shadow, special effects, reshaping or transformation. These options are in the Edit menu under Text. In our example we show reshaped text, and a fire effect.




STEP 4:  Add Decorations
Go to the Decorate menu to add clip art, a frame, signature and more. Just select a decoration and double click on it to insert it into your project.




Step 5:  Printing
In the Print Menu choose Multiple.  Then select the type of paper you�d like to print on.  We selected a landscape paper layout and chose Avery paper: 3277 Textured Canvas.


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