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Web Cards for Every Occasion

Photo Explosion lets you create a Web Card to share with family and friends in five easy steps. Web card templates make it a snap to create attractive greetings for holidays, birthdays, special occasions and more. This tutorial will walk you through making a Web Card for Valentine's Day.

1. Selecting a Web Card:
From the Menu Command bar, select Web: Web Card.
2. Selecting templates for your Web Card:
In the Select template options panel, select Holiday from the Template drop down menu.
After selecting, the options panel window displays the available Holiday templates. Select the one you like best. Then click Next.

3. Replacing the Image in your Web Card:
The Web Card template comes with a placeholder photo. Click on the photo to select it. The pointer turns into a four-headed arrow so you'll know when the image is selected.

This function allows you to replace the placeholder image on the template with a photo from your files. If you'd like to make your Web card into a clickable link so friends & family can contact you, enter your own Web site or e-mail address in the box.

When you're done, click Next.



4. Adding decorations to your Web card:
You can further customize the Web card with the various options available in the Set Decoration Options panel. Add background music, props or additional text. When you're happy with the final Web card, click Next to share your creation with friends & family.

Note: If you want to replace the other objects in the Web Card, just click on them, and the appropriate dialog box in the Options panel will appear.



5. Sharing your Web Card
Almost everyone uses e-mail these days, so let's look at how to e-mail your Web card. In the Options panel, click E-mail. You can either choose Send as an HTML E-mail or Send as Attachment. If you send as HTML, the recipient will be able to view the HTML file as soon as the e-mail is opened if their default mail handler is Outlook or Outlook Express.


Photo Explosion offers a wide range of Web Card templates to suit every occasion. These Web Cards are so easy to create and share, you'll have no excuse not to send cards for special events such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries!
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