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Chinese Product Quizzes
These questions are based on material from the Chinese Title "Beijing Yesterday and Today".

Match the English Translation

Instructions: Select the one correct translation from the given choices.


Duì bù qǐ. (9)
I am sorry.
Thank you very much.
I don't know.

1. Wǒ wán quán míng bái.
I understand perfectly.
I don't understand.
You don't understand.

2. Xí shǒu jiān zài nǎ lǐ?
Do you have a room with a bath?
Does that include the gratuity?
Where is the bathroom?

3. Shì bú shì zhí fēi ne?
Is it a non-stop flight?
Do I need to change planes?
Is this my flight?

4. Zhè tài rèle.
This is too cold.
This is too hot.
This is too sour.

5. Zhè bú shì wǒ jiào de cài.
Please take back my order.
I would like to order.
This is not what I ordered.

6. Láo jià.
Good evening.
Excuse me.
I am very well.

7. Xiǎo fèi bāo kuò zài nèi ma?
Does that include the gratuity?
Can I pay with a credit card?
Can you give me the key to my room?

8. Wǒ méi yǒu xū yào bào guān de dōng xī.
I have only these things to declare.
I can give you an aisle seat.
I have nothing to declare.

9. Yìng zuò hái shì wò pù?
First class or tourist?
Cooked in white wine or fried in oil?
Coach or sleeping car?

10. Zài jiāo tōng děng yòu zhuǎn.
Turn right at the light.
Around the corner.
Keep going straight through the town.

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