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Estas preguntas corresponden al Título inglés que se llama "New York: Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple".

Verdadero o falso
Instrucciones: Lea cada declaración con cuidado. Si la declaración es verdadera, seleccione la "V". Si la declaración es falsa, seleccione la "F"

Ejemplo: V F Immigrants who were rejected at Ellis Island usually had health problems.

V F 1. Before the arrival of the Europeans, the native Iroquois lived on
the land that is now New York City.
V F 2. The Empire State Building is now the tallest building in the world.
V F 3. The Chrysler Building is built in the architectural style called Art Deco.
V F 4. The word "skyscraper" first referred to a part on an airplane.
V F 5. New York City is referred to as a "melting pot of nations".
V F 6. The Lower East Side used to be exclusively Italian.
V F 7. George Washington announced that he was going to be President
in the Fraunces Tavern.
V F 8. The Circle Line provides a boat trip around the island of Manhattan.
V F 9. It took 24 years to build the Brooklyn Bridge.
V F 10. The Great Depression began in 1929.

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