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hese questions are based on material from the German Title "Fundamental German".

Match the Translation
Instructions: Select the one correct translation from the given choices.

Example: Heinrich ist Rosas neuer Nachbar.
                Heinrich's new neighbor is Rosa.
                Heinrich is Rosa's new neighbor.
                Rosa's and Heinrich's neighborhood is new.

1. Wo gehst du gewöhnlich hin?
    Who usually goes there?
    Where do you usually go?
    Where goes the usual stuff?    
2. Zum Frühstück mag ich starken Kaffee.
    The early riser makes strong coffee.
    At breakfast I strengthen my coffee.
    I like strong coffee for breakfast.    
3. Das muss ihnen wohl viel Spaß machen.
    You must make many jokes.
    That must be a lot of fun for them.
    There must be many spaces available.    
4. Finden Sie es nicht ein bisschen schwierig, Leute kennenzulernen?
    Do you find it better than meeting difficult people.
    You find nothing difficult in people.
    Don't you find it a little difficult to meet people.    
5. Mein Leben ist totales Chaos.
    My life is totally charming.
    My life is total chaos.
    My car is positively totalled.    
6. Du musst mich den Koffer tragen lassen.
    You must carry me in your suitcase.
    You must let me pack your suitcase.
    You have to let me carry your suitcase.    
7. Ich bin sehr durstig.
    I always do the best thing.
    I am very thirsty.
    I am very depressed.    
8. Ich muss immer lachen, wenn ich ihre Briefe lese.
    I never laugh when I hear a joke.
    I always joke when I read her a letter.
    I always have to laugh when I read her letters.    
9. Ich zeige meinen Gästen die Stadt.
    I take my guests into the city.
    I show the city to my guests.
    I see my grandfather in town.    
10. Wir scheinen das Spiel zu gewinnen.
      We seem to be winning the game.
      We seem to play to win.
      We always appear to play and win.      

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