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These questions are based on material from the Italian Title "Fundamental Italian".

Match the Translation
Instructions: Select the one correct translation from the given choices.

Example: Non hai fame tu?
                You aren't tired?
                You aren't hungry?
                You aren't sick?

1. Voi mangiate troppi dolci.
    They eat too many sweets.
    You eat too many sweets.
    We eat too many sweets.    
2. Loro stanno cucinando gli spaghetti.
    They like to eat spaghetti.
    They are cooking spaghetti.
    They are buying spaghetti.    
3. La maestra fa una domanda a Sara.
    The teacher asks Sara a question.
    The teacher gives Sara a hand.
    The teacher answers Sara's question.    
4. Noi dobbiamo fare la spese.
    We want to go shopping.
    We have to go shopping.
    We can go shopping.    
5. Ti piace questa musica rock?
    Have you heard this rock music?
    Do you like this rock music?
    Do you know this rock music?    
6. La bambina gioca con il fratellino.
    The baby plays with her little brother.
    The baby plays with her doll.
    The baby plays with her toys.    
7. Io capisco quello che dici.
    I understand what he is doing.
    I understand what she says.
    I understand what you are saying.    
8. A che ora cominciamo?
    Where are we going?
    What time do we begin?
    When does she arrive?    
9. Io mi sento molto bene.
    I feel very well.
    I don't feel very well.
    I don't hear very well.    
10. Io mi chiamo Serena.
      I call Serena.
      Her name is Serena.
      My name is Serena.      

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