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These questions are based on material from the Spanish Title "Fundamental Spanish".

Match the Translation
Instructions: Select the one correct translation from the given choices.

Example: Usted llega a las cinco.
                You arrive at five o'clock.
                You are leaving at five o'clock.
                You arrive at six o'clock.

1. "Él no puede venir a la fiesta."
   He can't come to the party.
   He doesn't want to come to the party.
   He doesn't like parties.
2. "Nosotros conocemos a tu padre."
   We know your father.
   We like your father.
   Your father knows us.
3. "Es la hora de almorzar."
   It's time to go to school.
   It's time to eat lunch.
   It's time to eat dinner.
4. "Yo me parezco mucho a mi padre."
   My father looks like me.
   I act like my father.
   I look like my father.
5. "Nosotros escribimos cuentos de niños."
   We write children's stories.
   We read stories to children.
   We like children's stories.
6. "El muchacho juega afuera con sus amigos."
   The boy always plays with his friends.
   The boy plays outside with his friends.
   The boy never plays outside.
7. "Ellos beben batidas con el almuerzo."
   They drink milk with lunch.
   They eat sandwiches for lunch.
   They drink shakes for lunch.
8. "Los animales en el zoológico son mansos."
   The animales in the zoo are big.
   The animales in the zoo are gentle.
   There are a lot of animals in the zoo.
9. "Vosotros vivís en el campo."
   You went to the countryside.
   You live in the forest.
   You live in the countryside.
10. "Les gusta pescar en los ríos por aquí."
     They like to go swimming in the rivers around here.
     They like to eat fish from the rivers around here.
     They like to go fishing in the rivers around here.

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