3 Months Grokker.com Fitness Service

Grokker offers hundreds of HD video fitness, yoga, meditation and cooking classes from the world’s best instructors. Quickly and easily discover the perfect workout with options for beginners and experts alike, plus new videos are added every month. Whether you have an hour or just a few minutes, Grokker has what you need to feel happy and healthy every day.

Feel happy and healthy every day with hundreds of online fitness, yoga, meditation and cooking high-def videos at Grokker.com. Grokker is an online community and resource for busy people, like you, who want to make time for wellness. Whether you have an hour each day or just a few minutes to spend, you’ll be a better you with Grokker.com. Sweat it out, de-stress, or just relax with the perfect video lead by hand-picked, expert teachers and trainers. At Grokker, we know that Wellness is not a one-way street. Grokker experts are available to each and every Member, responding with thoughtful answers to questions and offering needed motivation and advice. Engage directly with your favorite experts and like-minded enthusiasts and help each other to learn and grow. Stream Grokker on all your favorite devices and become a better you!

  • Hundreds of high quality online fitness videos & more
  • It’s like having an instructor right in your living room
  • Keeps you accountable and on track with your fitness goals
  • Classes filmed with expert instructors from around the world
  • Learn how to turn even just a few spare minutes into a time for wellness and inspiration
  • Our instructors are always available to answer your questions and provide support
  • Monthly membership includes unlimited access to all videos, plus new content released each month
  • Set notifications with the Grokker calendar feature
  • Get support from other Grokker community members