1 Year Password Boss Premium Online

Staying secure online means creating strong and unique passwords for every website you use. Password Boss makes managing and using this important and sensitive information easy. Simply remember one Master Password and your unique usernames and passwords will be entered for you on any login screen. To ensure unrecognized devices can’t access your accounts without your permission, Password Boss uses 2-step verification for an extra layer of protection. Password Boss also uses multiple layers of bank-grade security to protect your stored data. And if your device is ever lost or stolen, Remote Delete lets you quickly erase your data without losing a secure backup copy. With Password Boss you can set websites to auto-launch in the Secure Browser using our anti-malware technology that guarantees your financial transactions remain private. You can even audit your account with security scores and receive instant notification of security breaches. Best of all, Password Boss also let you easily sync your account across all of your devices for easy access to your passwords and personal data wherever you go. Always safe, always secure-Password Boss has all of the features you need to make security easy.

  • Passwords Simplified - remember just one Master Password and your unique usernames and passwords will be entered on any log in screen
  • Bank-grade Security - protects your highly sensitive and personal information
  • Sync Across Devices - easily access your data from any device
  • Digital Wallet - save time entering credit card information with one-click checkout
  • Form Filling - auto-fills online forms with your personal information
  • Hassle-free Sharing - securely share your data with trusted friends and family
  • Digital Notes - safely store all of your important personal information
  • Cloud Backups - backs up an encrypted copy of your data to a secure cloud storage location