Creative Photo Composition Online Course | Learn How to Capture Beautiful Images!

Raise your photography to the next level with this online course dedicated to the art of taking pictures. We've gathered the most important rules used by professional photographers that result in breath-taking photos each and every time you get behind the camera. Our 6 chapter course includes classic techniques and best practices with before and after photos and videos for instant recognition and understanding. Learn additional skills such as photo editing, creative composition, subject placement and more-all at your own pace. Plus there's a Private Photographer Forum to ask questions and share ideas within our photography community. Once you complete our course, you'll be able to take stunning photos of people, nature, landscapes, even pets! Our online course is compatible with any browser-based computer or tablet and is a perfect addition to imaging device offers.

  • Advance your photography skills to the next level
  • Includes 6 illustrated chapters to read at your own pace
  • Learn best practices used by professional photographers
  • Achieve eye-catching and artistic looking photos
  • Study creative composition, compositional principles, subject placement and background treatments • Explore point of view and photo editing
  • Understand moving vs. zooming, close-ups, detail and fast action
  • Includes eBook photography guide, before and after photos, video instruction and transcription
  • Continue learning in our Private Photographer Forum community
  • Expertly shoot nature, landscapes, seascapes, people and pets as subjects
  • Compatible with computers, smart phones and tablets