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The Last Day of Summer
(2007) Color Not Rated
Starring Jansen Panettiere, Jackee Harry
Luke and his best friends A.J. and Riley are enjoying the last day of summer before they start middle school. They camp out and prepare for the live debut of their band "Steel Monkey" at the town fair, Luke wishes that the last day of summer will never end and his wish comes true! Over and over again, Luke experiences the highs and lows of the last day of summer and he has to decide who he wants to be and how he can make his never-ending day come to end!

Shredderman Rules!
(2007) Color Not Rated
Starring Devon Werkheiser, Tim Meadows, Daniel Roebuck
Nolan Byrd (Devon Werkheiser, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide) is not alone in his frustration with getting pushed around by the school bully, but Nolan is without question one of Bubba Bixby's favorite targets. It's bad enough that he stole and brainwashed Nolan's ex-best friend, but to make matters worse, he seems to get a special thrill from humiliating Nolan in front of the girl of his dreams. After a particularly embarrassing incident, Nolan decides he's had enough and Shredderman his alter-ego, is born.

Roxy Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid
(2008) Color Not Rated
Starring Aria Wallace, Ashleigh Rains, Vik Sahay
Super Sleuth Roxy Hunter (Aria Wallace) is back on the case when a mysterious young girl arrives out of the blue with no belongings, no words and no memory! Roxy sets off to solve the mystery of the girl she names Annie Nonymous. But when Annie comes home soaking wet several nights in a row, Roxy realizes the biggest clue to her super story - could it be that Annie is really a mermaid?

Gym Teacher
(2008) Color Not Rated
Starring Christopher Meloni, Amy Sedaris, David Alan Grier
Roland (iCarly’s Nathan Kress) is the new kid at Hamm Lake Middle School and there’s just no hiding he’s a super geek with no athletic ability. Dave Stewie (Christopher Meloni) is the school's beloved gym teacher who once represented the U.S. in the Seoul Games, but his disastrous go-for-the-gold vault became one of sport’s biggest bloopers. After pressure to compete in the National Gym Class Fitness Competition, heat from the school’s principal (Amy Sedaris, Shrek the Third) and foul play from a rival school’s devious coach (David Alan Grier, TV's In Living Color), turn them into a potentially disastrous duo - it's going to take a major game changer to bring home the gold in this hilarious Nickelodeon original movie!