With total support for all Windows file types, FileCenter is the complete file management software that allows you to bring everything together into one simple, unified and intuitive interface! Isn’t it time to go paperless with the software suite that quickly and easily scans, organizes, edits, archives and finds computer files? Whether you’re a home or professional user, FileCenter’s install is simple and requires no technical knowledge for set-up. With hundreds of time-saving features, including reusable folder layouts and file naming rules, files can be stored from any program and require only a double-click to open in their native application. One click lets you file operations and preview, zip, encrypt, securely delete, send via email with on the fly PDF conversion and so much more. Simple yet powerful, FileCenter is the paperless office solution that’s got everyone talking – join in the conversation today!

  • Scan and go from paper to searchable PDF in a one click. Scanning important documents has never been easier or faster.
  • Organize and manage files in a way that makes sense with easy-to-use electronic file cabinets. Organize scans, computer files and e-mail together.
  • PDF is the standard. Make, manipulate and use them in FileCenter. The built-in editor and wizards make it a snap.
  • OCR makes scans, faxes and other documents fully searchable. Or pull the text from a paper document into Word.
  • Preview when all you need is a quick glimpse; you can preview the file without opening. It’s as easy as thumbing through documents.
  • Search to effortlessly find files. Search keywords and notes in PDFs or the entire document.
  • Integrate with popular desktop search engines, such as Google Desktop Search, Windows Desktop Search, and Copernic.
  • Share electronic file cabinets on the office network or float them onto the cloud. Plus receive the Windows file security you’re accustomed to.