FilterSnap $50 Promo

At FilterSnap, we make regularly changing your home’s air filters convenient so you can save time, money and breathe easier. Simply tell us about your home’s filters, and how often you want to change them. We will mail you the exact filters you need each time they need to be replaced. This means no more wasted trips to the store just to realize you are not sure which filter to buy. It also means no more remembering when to change them. When the box shows up, you know it is time. It doesn't get more convenient than that!

  • Save money on your utility bills because clean filters make it more efficient to heat or cool your house
  • Brand new filters conveniently delivered to your door when it is time to replace them
  • We remember so you don't have to
  • Same price as the store-bought filters
  • Perfect if you have pets or family members with allergies, asthma or who smoke
  • Even the smallest dirt particles will meet their match with our filters
  • Strong, sturdy, well-spaced filters maximize airflow and hold dust