Hard Disk Shield | The advanced hard drive space cleaner! | BUY NOW! $49.95

Free up hard disc space faster and easier. This software utility includes an advanced hard drive space cleaner that scans and safely cleans your hard drive to make room for more data. It will scan and map both local and online sections of your hard drive and will identify all unneeded files that are safe to be deleted to free up more hard drive space. It will also delete unneeded duplicate files, locate all large files on a selected drive or folder and allow you to selectively delete them as needed. An easy to use hard drive defragmenter is also included to keep your drive running at optimal speeds.

  • Safely cleans and frees up hard drive space
  • Rearranges data on your hard drive so your computer can run at its peak level
  • Choose when to clean your hard drive
  • Determine which files and folders to exclude, including larger files and folders
  • Locates and deletes unneeded files