Jr Detective Agency/Spy School | Twice The Adventure! Twice The Fun!

Sam Steele Jr. wants to be a detective just like his father, so when summer vacation starts he turns his clubhouse into the headquarters for the Junior Detective Agency. When a mysterious burglar known only as The Cat rampages through the town, Sam Jr. decides to take on The Cat himself. With only the help of his friend Emma and her dog, Sam Jr. finally tracks down The Cat for one final faceoff. A fun film for the whole family to enjoy, Jr. Detective Agency is sure to crack the code to audiences' hearts!

When Thomas, a class clown who is infamous for telling tall tales, discovers a secret plot to kidnap the President's daughter, no one believes him. Realizing that he must take matters into his own hands - Thomas must embark on the adventure of a lifetime. A film about friendship and the value of honestly, Spy School is an exciting and hilarious film that the whole family will enjoy!