Learn It Now Fundamentals

Whether you're learning a new language for business, travel or personal use, Learn It Now™ Fundamentals teaches you vocabulary in the subject areas you choose and then tests your recall, customizing its next moves as it assesses your knowledge. It's easy to learn faster and speak more confidently than you ever thought possible! Perfect for beginning, intermediate and advanced language learners, this groundbreaking software teaches Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese and Japanese vocabulary on a PC or a Mac, and in an environment that lets you learn at your own pace.

What Sets Learn It Now™ Fundamentals Apart?

  • 5,000+ flash cards ensure fast learning.
  • Ideal for busy people - learn on your computer.
  • Learn essential vocabulary for travel, business and more.
  • Focus on the language you need - Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Complete! For every skill level - beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • Award-Winning: Used by the State Department and Department of Defense.