My Stepmother is an Alien and Little Secrets | Double Feature!

"... an absolute extraterrestrial spoof of gigglefits of hilarity... with wittier dialogue and clever writing." - A million light-years from home, she's found a husband, a stepdaughter and a dog. When she finds out about sex, she may just stay for the weekend. Kim Basinger (The Burning Plain) stars as Celeste, a sexy extra-terrestrial with a mission; seduce the sweetly unsuspecting Steve Mills (Dan Aykroyd, The Campaign), a recently widowed astrophysicist, and get her hands on his research which may hold the key to saving her planet.

Evan Rachel Wood (Across the Universe) is "worth watching" (Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly) as 14-year-old Emily, the neighborhood secret keeper. Entrusted by the local kids to keep their secrets safe for a small fee, Emily has a nice little business going. While her friends are away at summer camp, Emily befriends the new next-door neighbor Philip while practicing her violin for an important audition with a prestigious symphony. Emily lets Philip in on her secrets, but it isn't too long before her innocent game leads to betrayal and hurt, forcing Emily to rethink her game plan - especially when she meets Philip's very cute older brother David, who has a big secret of his own.