Ransomware Defender | Get 24/7 protection from ransomware attacks. | BUY NOW! $49.95

Protect your PC files from ransomware attacks before there is any damage. This fully automated solution proactively scans, detects and blocks threats associated with taking over your computer and requiring certain actions before you can use your PC again. The active protection algorithms with user-friendly alerts and a notifications system will locate and report a potential threat real-time and keep your PC safe and secure 24/7. Additionally, it includes the abilities to securely erase files and perform deep scans for hidden attacks. Automatic updates are also included keeping you protected from the very latest threats.

  • Protects your PC against ransomware attacks
  • Keeps your computer safe before there is any damage
  • Locates and reports potential threats in real time
  • Automatically scans at your desired frequency and timing
  • Updates are provided daily, ensuring accurate detection rates