Smart Privacy Cleaner | Keep your computer activity private! | BUY NOW! $49.95

Automatically find and permanently remove the history of all your recent web activity including recently visited websites, chat history, any downloaded files or photos and more. This powerful tool also removes cookies, empties your recycle bin, removes temp files and cleans up a host of other privacy risks. A powerful file shredding tool is also included. It’s easy to keep your computer activity private and secure. The setup is fast and easy and you’ll be running in just a few minutes. Keep your private information safe and secure with this full featured and easy to use solution.

  • Delete internet search history and other confidential information
  • Find and remove internet chat conversations
  • Delete downloaded cookies which track your online activity
  • Remove all traces of downloaded photos, videos, movies and music
  • Shred important documents and deleted files, making them unrecoverable