• Quality Transition Effects
    A wide selection of customizable transition effects to add that professional touch to your slideshows. Also includes and supports Bitmap mask effects, allowing you to create and add your own transitions with Photoshop.
  • Enhanced Ken Burns Effect
    Settable panning, zooming, rotation and transparency for individual slides. Add multiple keyframes to your photo timeline for that sophisticated motion effect.
  • Using ClipShows
    Assemble slide sequences from pre-built ClipShows, which are segments of pre-choreographed mini-slideshows. Supports extended ClipShows which allows adding new photos.
  • Text Caption
    Add independent effects for each text caption and allow them to carry over onto multiple slides.
  • Advanced Audio Support
    Add background audio tracks for your slideshows, or attach audio files to individual slides. Includes a mini audio editor to help trim segments of audio files and normalize the audio tracks to keep the volume level across all slides.
  • Enhanced Video Clip Support
    Apply transition effects, masking and layering to video clips. All Ken Burns settings are supported.
  • Customizable Disc Menu
    Create 1 or 2 level disc menus and easily re-arrange and edit elements using the powerful built-in editor.