Terms of Use

The promotional offers (referred to herein collectively as the “Offers” and individually as an “Offer”) set forth onsolely responsible for your promotional voucher (your “Voucher”) are subject to the terms and conditions set forth on this webpage (collectively, the “Terms”). You must redeem your Voucher or a particular Offer pursuant to the Terms and any instructions (“Instructions”) expressly set forth on your Voucher.

As the holder of a Voucher, you are entitled to redeem a particular Offer pursuant to any Instructions and subject to the Terms which expressly apply to each such Offer you redeem. Your redemption of a particular Offer constitutes your acceptance of the Terms applicable to such Offer. If you do not wish to accept the Terms applicable to a particular Offer, you are not entitled to redeem or enjoy the benefit of such Offer. Each Offer is issued by a third party (the “Supplier”) who provides the product and/or service covered by such Offer. The Supplier is fully and solely responsible for providing to you the offered product and/or service, (ii) any and all injuries, damages, claims, liabilities and/or costs caused in whole or in part by such Supplier in connection with providing to you the offered product/service, and (iii) any unclaimed property liability arising from unredeemed Vouchers or portions thereof. You waive and release Avanquest North America LLC, along with its affiliated companies, and each of such companies’ respective officers, directors, employees and agents from, any claim, liabilities, damages, or injury arising from or related to any act or omission of a Supplier in connection with a Voucher or the services/goods provided in connection therewith and/or as it relates to compliance with applicable unclaimed property and other laws relating to the redemption of the Vouchers or any portion thereof. Unless otherwise expressly set forth in the Terms applicable to a particular Offer, Offers are redeemable only in their entirety on a one-time basis, and may not be redeemed in part. Any attempted redemption of a Voucher or an Offer not consistent with the Terms will render such Offer or the Voucher null and void. This Voucher and any particular Offer shall be void to the extent prohibited by law. Failure to comply with any Instructions applicable to a particular Offer may render such Offer void. Offers cannot be combined with any other vouchers, offers, third party certificates, coupons, or promotions, unless otherwise expressly set forth in the Terms or otherwise expressly specified by the issuing Supplier.