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Chinese Product Quizzes
These questions are based on material from the Chinese Title "Beijing Yesterday and Today".

Match the Translation

Instructions: Select the one correct translation from the given choices.

Tā men de fáng zi fēi cháng dà. (24)
Their house is extremely large.
Their house is extremely dark.
Your house is extremely large.

1. Wǎn cān shì zài bā diǎn zhǒng.
Dinner is at seven o'clock.
Breakfast is at eight o'clock.
Dinner is at eight o'clock.

2. Nǐ yào qù nǎ lǐ?
Do you want to go there?
Where do you want to go?
Are you going in there?

3. Wǒ xǐ huān zuò diān xīn.
I like to travel by plane.
I like to make desserts.
I like to do little things.

4. Nà bù chē shì nǐ de ma?
Where is your car?
Don't you have a car?
Is that car yours?

5. Wǒ men jīn tiān méi yǒu qián.
We don't have any money today.
We don't have any time today.
We have everythingb today.

6. Wǒ zhǐ yǒu yì zhī bǐ.
I have only pens.
I only have one pen.
I can loan you one pen.

7. Tā shì yí ge nán hái.
She is a girl.
He is a boy.
He is a man.

8. Nǐ hái yào zài chī yì xiē ma?
Does your child want to eat a little?
Would you like some more?
Do you still want to eat here?

9. Wǒ men xiàn zài kě yǐ sōng xiè yī xià.
Now we can send some letters.
Now we can sit down.
Now we can relax a little.

10. Nà běn shū shì nǐ de ma?
Is that book yours?
Where is your book?
What is the subject of your book?

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