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Estas preguntas corresponden al Título inglés que se llama "The Most Common Words in English".

Verdadero o falso
Instrucciones: Lea cada declaración con cuidado. Si la declaración es verdadera, seleccione la "V". Si la declaración es falsa, seleccione la "F"

Ejemplo: V F Luis is from Sweden.

V F 1. Martin is a writer.
V F 2. Laura is 21 years old.
V F 3. Allison owns her car.
V F 4. Larry is Sarah's brother.
V F 5. Luis does not have a girlfriend.
V F 6. Luis went to the Bronx Zoo with a group of university students.
V F 7. Martin prefers the Dallas Cowboys football team.
V F 8. Luis takes trips around New York City with his friend Steve.
V F 9. Allison lives at home with her family and does not work.
V F 10. Luis did not bring an umbrella to the Davis home.

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