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Estas preguntas corresponden al Título inglés que se llama "A Visit to Washington D.C.".

Selección múltiple
Instrucciones: Seleccione la mejor respuesta para cada una de las preguntas a continuación. Solamente use una respuesta.

Ejemplo: How many people visit the White House each year?

1. Which room in the White House is used for receptions, dances and press conferences?
2. For what purpose did President Adams' wife use the East Room?
3. The first name of President Madison's wife was
4. Which room would not be included in a public tour of the White House?
5. George Washington referred to Washington, D.C. as
6. The three branches of government consist of the President, the Congress, and
7. The Wall is located near which President's memorial?
8. The changing of the guards is a ceremony performed by soldiers guarding
9. In the American History Museum, you would find
10. Frances Scott Key composed "The Star Spangled Banner" during what war?

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