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Estas preguntas corresponden al Título inglés que se llama "A Visit to Washington D.C.".

Verdadero o falso
Instrucciones: Lea cada declaración con cuidado. Si la declaración es verdadera, seleccione la "V". Si la declaración es falsa, seleccione la "F"

Ejemplo: V F The Capitol Building is the home of the President.

V F 1. President George Washington never lived in the White House.
V F 2. President Madison's wife saved a painting of Thomas Jefferson
during the War of 1812.
V F 3. President Cleveland was married in the Blue Room.
V F 4. Thomas Jefferson was one of the authors of the Declaration
of Independence.
V F 5. Abraham Lincoln was the 14th President of the United States.
V F 6. The Supreme Court was housed in the White House before it
was moved to a new building.
V F 7. The Eternal Flame in Arlington National Cemetery burns in honor
of President John F. Kennedy.
V F 8. President Abraham Lincoln died in Ford's theatre.
V F 9. The Wall was built to commemorate the soldiers lost in the
Vietnam War.
V F 10. Frances Scott Key composed the United States national anthem.

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