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Estas preguntas corresponden al Título inglés que se llama "New York: Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple".

Ejercicio de gramática
Instrucciones: Elija la selección correcta.

Ejemplo: The skyscraper skyline is the international symbol New York City

1. It was to the Old World sent its "tired, its poor, its huddled masses yearning to breathe free."
2. You may not meet King Kong up here-but you may meet the highest colony of ants on the 86th floor!
3. The word "skyscraper" first referred to the little triangular sail top of the rigging on 18th century schooners.
4. In 1929 came the Great Crash, millions lost their savings and the Great Depression began.
5. The most famous center of money-making here is the New York Stock Exchange
its neo-classical facade.

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