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Estas preguntas corresponden al Título inglés que se llama "New York: Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple".

Selección múltiple
Instrucciones: Seleccione la mejor respuesta para cada una de las preguntas a continuación. Solamente use una respuesta.

Ejemplo: How many Americans can trace their roots back through Ellis Island?

1. The "Old World" is meant to refer to
2. What did a majority of immigrants who were rejected at Ellis island do?
3. The first European to find what later became New York City was named
4. The first European settlers came to New York
5. What might you find on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building?
6. To find a kosher deli, you would go to...
7. What style of architecture is the reconstruction of the Fraunces Tavern?
8. P.T. Barnum proved that it was safe to cross the Brooklyn Bridge by...
9. What people mainly work on Wall Street?
10. Battery Park City is a complex of...

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