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Estas preguntas corresponden al Título inglés que se llama "Survival Phrases for English".

Verdadero o falso
Instrucciones: Lea cada declaración con cuidado. Si la declaración es verdadera, seleccione la "V". Si la declaración es falsa, seleccione la "F"

Ejemplo: V F The store clerk does not understand Mr. Sánchez.

V F 1. Juanita knows Tony's friend George very well.
V F 2. Esperanza does not have any bills smaller than a fifty-dollar bill.
V F 3. Miss Hernández wants to stay at the hotel for two weeks.
V F 4. Mrs. Torrez wants tickets to see the opera at the Met.
V F 5. Mrs. Rodríguez lost her Traveler's Checks on the bus.
V F 6. Mrs. Jiménez has a window seat for her flight to Houston.
V F 7. Emelia and Charles are going to a movie that starts at 8:30.
V F 8. Paula buys gold earrings and a gold necklace.
V F 9. Mr. Castillo has London Broil for dinner.
V F 10. Mr. Estévez needs to buy a spare tire.

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