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These questions are based on material from the French Title "Fundamental French".

Match the Translation
Instructions: Select the one correct translation from the given choices.

Example: J'ai besoin d'argent.
                I need money.
                I have some money.
                I have lots of money.

1. Georges et Christine font la cuisine.
    Georges and Christine are cooking.
    Georges and Christine are redoing the kitchen.
    Georges and Christine like good food.    
2. C'est la fille de mon frère.
    That is my brother's wife.
    That is my brother's son.
    That is my brother's daughter.    
3. Il entend mieux que nous.
    He hears more than we do.
    He hears better than we do.
    He hears less than we do.    
4. Nous restons dans la voiture.
    We relax in the car.
    We stay in the car.
    We sleep in the car.    
5. Nous déjeunons à une heure.
    We eat lunch in an hour.
    We eat lunch for an hour.
    We eat lunch at one o'clock.    

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