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Fun Things to do with Digital Cameras

Try printing your photos on photo printers
If you use a 1M pixel or better digital camera, try printing the photos on special photo printers or at photo printing services that specialize in digital prints. The results can be very good and although the cost per print can be higher than conventional photography you can be more selective in what you print.

Try printing your photos at an online service
Digital cameras of 2 mega pixel and above collect enough data to make good 4" x 6" regular photographic prints. You can order these online from a number of service providers. Usually the prints are mailed to you in a few days and look exactly like traditional prints. When you upload to the print service try to upload the maximum possible resolution.

Try making image panoramas in COOL 360!
Digital cameras are ideal for taking panoramic images. You can take a series of shots of say a large landscape scene and then use special software to stitch the images together into a much larger picture. The results can be very impressive. To do this you will need software such as COOL 360 product to perform the stitching functions.

Try using your camera as a scanner!
Digital cameras with over 1M pixel sensors can capture a page of text from a book, magazine or newspaper very well and much more quickly than a scanner. It can also be used to capture white boards in meetings.

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