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This is where you'll find a collection of informative articles that will help you understand how digital photography and 3D Imaging works and make you become a better digital media editor. Enjoy!

How to choose the right digital camera for you
A short list of things you should think about before buying a digital camera.

Why you should not use TWAIN with digital cameras
Find out about how JPG images from your camera will lose some image quality when you use TWAIN.

Digital camera file formats
Read about the JPG file format and Exif information.

What quality setting should I use on my camera
This article talks about how disk space affects your camera quality settings and more.

Understanding digital camera lenses
Learn all about the zoom range, minimum focal length, maximum F-stop, close-ups and zoom lens scales.

Digital camera memory cards
Information on Compact Flash, SmartMedia and Memory Stick flash memory cards.

Using a card reader with your digital camera
This article talks about convenient alternatives to cables for transferring images to your computer.

What is loss-less rotation
Things that you should be aware of when rotating images.

Avoiding losing or damaging your photos
Advice on how to maintain and keep your photos so that you can enjoy them for a long period of time.

Fun things to do with digital cameras
All about sharing, printing, scanning and more!

Using a digital camera as a scanner
Learn how to capture a page of text from a book or magazine with your camera.

Batteries and digital cameras
Information on battery power as well as brands and types of batteries you can use.

Learn to take better pictures
The top 10 techniques for taking great photos.

Advice on taking better pictures
Some more tips on taking professional photos.