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Why you should not use TWAIN with digital cameras

Many digital cameras offer TWAIN downloads, and it can be convenient to use. However, in most cases the JPG images from the camera will be decompressed and re-saved with some loss of image quality. Also, Exif camera information embedded in the camera file will be lost. Try to directly transfer images from the camera or memory card to your PC, or use special transfer software that came with your camera. The Photo Explorer Digital Camera Wizard can be used with many cameras to avoid the problems associated with TWAIN transfers.

Consider using a memory card reader
There are many advantages to using a memory card reader when downloading images from your camera. It is generally much faster than serial connections, and some models are faster than USB connections. Memory card readers come in two forms - either as an adaptor for PCMCIA cards used on notebook computers, or as stand alone units for Compact Flash or SmartMedia cards (sometimes both). All types use power from your computer, thus saving camera batteries.


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