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Putting Images into an Album (Part 1 - Part 2)

If you are like most PhotoImpact Pro users, you may quickly build an entire archive of digital photographs and other images that can become cumbersome to manage. Whether the mainstay of your image collection is family photos or web graphics, the PhotoImpact Album is a great tool to keep it organized.

Step 1: Create a New Album
To begin, start the PhotoImpact Album program. Either double-click its desktop icon or, if you are already working in PhotoImpact Pro, choose PhotoImpact Album from the Switch menu at the upperright corner of the program window. The PhotoImpact Album window appears, complete with an album collection (either the last album you had open or a demo album) on display.

The next step is to create a new album that will house your pictures. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Click the New button on the toolbar or choose New from the File menu to open the New dialog box.

  2. Select General Purpose in the Album Template list. Each template offers a slightly different set of predefi ned image description fi elds so you can choose the categories that best fi t the images you will be adding.

  3. Type Vacations 2003 (or another descriptive title) in the Title box, and then click OK. The Insert dialog box appears.

  4. Click the Insert file from a folder option, and click OK to open the Insert Files dialog box.

  5. Browse to c:\Program Files\Nova Development\Photo Impact\Tutorial Images\Putting Images Into an Album. Click an individual image to select it, or CTRL-click to select multiple image files. When you finish selecting files, click Insert. PhotoImpact Album adds the selected images to your new album

The newly inserted images appear as thumbnails within the album window. You can add more images to the album at any time. Choose Insert from the Thumbnail menu to open the Insert dialog box, select the additional images, and then click Insert.

You can create any number of albums to organize your image files. Each album you create appears as a book-shaped icon on the far left of the Album window. To view a particular album, click its icon and the images within will appear to the right.




(Part 1 - Part 2)

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