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PhotoImpact Pro Tutorials
Correcting Digital Photos with ExpressFix
Make quick fixes to common digital photo problems using ExpressFix.
Correcting Photos Using Filters and Effects
This tutorial shows an example of how to use a combination of PhotoImpact filters and effects to enhance photos.
Producing Realistic Images with High Dynamic Range
PhotoImpact's High Dynamic Range feature compensates for camera system limitations, and tries to resolve exposure problems that photographers frequently encounter when shooting scenes that contain dramatic differences between light and shades. Learn how to use High Dynamic Range to extend the "perceivable tonal range" of an image.

GIF Animator Tutorials
Creating a Banner Advertisement (Using Add Banner Text)
Attract more visitors to your website with high impact banner ads plus animated text.
Using Objects to Compose an Animation
Easily edit your work by making everything in your animation project into individual objects. Learn how to create objects with GIF Animator's Tool Panel and import objects from other applications.
Seamless Animation Using Tweening
Use Tweening to automatically animate objects and create a smooth flowing animation.
Editing Objects in Other Image Editing Programs
Easily switch between your favorite image editor - such as PhotoImpact Pro - and GIF Animator when enhancing your objects.

PhotoImpact Album Tutorials
Putting Images Into an Album

Photo Explorer Tutorials
Creating a Video CD Slideshow with Photo Explorer

General Imaging Info
This is where you'll find a collection of informative articles that will help you understand how digital photography and 3D Imaging works and make you become a better digital media editor.

General Web Info
This is your source for the latest tutorials and articles on web graphics. With extensive information on web file formats to web transparency and color, you'll have all that you need to know to become a web graphics expert in no time.