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Putting Images into an Album (Part 1 - Part 2)

Step 2: Viewing your Album
After you create an album, you have a choice of four different ways to view it. To select a viewing mode, click the corresponding button on the toolbar or choose it from the Mode submenu on the View menu.

  • Thumbnail mode – Displays a page or thumbnail images in numbered slide frames. It looks similar to a page of real slides or a contact sheet. Choose Thumbnail Size 48x48 (or one of the other sizes) from the View menu to change the thumbnail size.
  • Attribute mode – Displays a list of images, thumbnail on the left, image attributes on the right. Useful for browsing the image info.
  • File Name mode – Displays a list of files in a spreadsheet arrangement with a row for each image and a column for each information attribute. There are no thumbnails in this mode.
  • Data Entry mode – Displays one thumbnail at a time, with editable fields for image notes and other information. Use the left and right arrow buttons to browse through images in this mode.

Double-click an image or image name to open a full-size view of that image. This works in all the viewing modes except Data Entry mode.

Step 3: Adding Image Info to an Album
PhotoImpact Album is more than just a tool to sort your images — it’s also a convenient way to store information about the images in the album. You can enter a title, subject, description, exposure information, and more. The specific information you can add to each image depends on which album template you chose. Here’s how to add a description or other information to an image in an album.

  1. Open the album that contains the image you want to describe. (Click the album’s icon in the Album Panel along the left side of the PhotoImpact Album window.)
  2. Click the image thumbnail to select it, then click the View in Data Entry Mode button on the toolbar. The album displays the selected thumbnail alone accompanied by several fields to the right.
  3. Type My favorite mountain (or another description) in the Description box. Repeat for the other information boxes.
  4. Use the Left and Right arrows in the upper-right corner of the album window to move to another image and enter information about it as well. Repeat as needed for the other images in the album.
  5. When you’re finished adding information to your images, click the View in Thumbnail Mode button to return to regular album browsing mode.

Don’t be shy about building an entire library of albums. Since an album only stores thumbnails of the images it contains, you need not worry about album files consuming a lot of disk space.

(Part 1 - Part 2)

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